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Swab Baby Cotton

  • These cotton buds are made of natural cotton. Precision processing, cotton head full and round, comfortable feel is not easy to fall off, on the skin and the surface of objects soft.
  • High quality bamboo handle. better hardness than wood stick, not easy to break, smooth feel, safe and comfortable to use.
  • Dust proof and water proof packaging, Suitable for long-term preservation of various scenes.
  • Meet your various needs, make-up, painting, ear cleaning, wound cleaning, pet care, equipment cleaning, handicrafts cleaning and so on.


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Product Description

Our cotton tips are organic cotton, no chemicals added, pure natural cotton, and can effectively do the cleaning you want.

High quality bamboo handle, better hardness, not easy to break, smooth feel, safe and comfortable to use.

We pack the cotton swabs in clear storage box for you,can be stored for a longer period of time, enough quantity for daily use, meeting your various needs and demands.

Personal care
Clean and sanitary bamboo cotton swabs can be used for personal cleaning and wound treatment





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