27 Brilliant Banner Ads Examples from Tech Industry

A frame can make the ad easier to see directing the eyes to the right place. It also keeps design elements together in an orderly fashion. Ad copy should use some of the same keywords as your website text.

High-quality, eye-catching images can help your banner ad stand out and appeal to your target audience. You can use vivid colors to lure the eye, people in different scenarios or using your product, or even a beautiful setting (outdoor or indoor). You can create a set of 3-4 banner ads and rotate them throughout a campaign. Use various images, headlines, and calls to action, but keep everything consistent and within your brand’s guidelines. Did you ever think about using your brand color on your CTA?

  1. This can create an innate boxed design without having to include a defined border or frame.
  2. This is clearly meant for prospects in the middle or bottom of the funnel, people who would answer yes to the question, “Comparing test management solutions?
  3. For example, you might find that ads generated more clicks on Saturdays and Sundays.

However, it is the “if done right” bit where most businesses seem to fumble. You see, banner ads have been around for as long as the internet itself. So, the tips and tricks that go into crafting the ideal one have evolved a lot over time. But from capturing the attention of a target audience to increasing brand awareness is a long way. And this is where banner ads can help advertisers build a strong brand presence online.

Even if their audience manages to scroll by it, that enticing offer will stick in their head. This video ad shows multiple images telling the story of this woman as she navigates finding the right job. But the straight-to-the-heart “find a job that loves you back” message calls out to weary employees. A flexible ad format that works for Facebook ads or websites. I love the design of this banner, too; I think the use of bright colors is an effective way to cast a positive light on top of the messaging.

Remember the banner ad sizes listed above and their pros and cons. For example, are your shoppers mostly going to your sites through mobile devices or on laptops. Depending on your banner ads examples industry, you may know of some niche websites that are very popular and have an advertising program. Reach out to the operators of those sites and find out their advertising rates.

Tips for creating banner ads

The frame being in monotone enhances the iconography of the ad by leaps and bounds. What we like about this banner ad from Grammarly, is that besides talking about the merits of the platform, they’ve also strived to give visitors a look and feel of it as well. On the ad’s left, few features of it have been put under the spotlight and wrapped in a visually attractive envelope to engage the reader. The stock photo of the guy with the laptop subtly peddles across this messaging in the ad. Safe to say that there are a lot of website banner ideas to be derived from this particular example. Banner ads, although often overlooked, hold immense potential for driving traffic to your website and reaching a wider audience.

But you should also take business metrics, industry trends, audience needs, and other factors into account. Clearly defined goals provide direction for your banner ad campaign. There are many steps involved in planning, creating, and launching a banner ad campaign.

The merit of this copy lies in how incredibly focused it is. Despite being brief, it helps readers accurately understand what they’ll be able to achieve through using this solution. The brand’s promise is represented in the word it has chosen to emphasize in the copy- trust. Here is how Target uses ads related to baby products and baby registries. A great example of how banners are used to increase traffic is provided by Target.

With Terminus Ad Experiences, teams can provide personalized advertising experiences that drive conversions with the right individuals at the right accounts. Learn more by watching the video overview, requesting a video, or accessing 90+ banner ads examples below. Images, video, and HTML effects have the most impact at the largest sizes. Many mobile ads however, do not include images because they are so small that they can become difficult to understand. Text and color are better visual tools when it comes to the smallest display sizes.

Types of banner ads

Potential customers won’t see them while reading articles online because they’ve trained themselves not to, so your ad must be special if you want it to be seen or clicked. Unfortunately, some types of marketing and advertising aren’t allowed for specific markets. For example, Google doesn’t allow advertisements for potentially dangerous products and services. In addition, display ad networks allow you to create A/B tests to determine which design elements and advertising copy works best to attract more customers. Semrush’s seductive promise to solve your biggest business problem in seconds is difficult to resist.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and banner ads are no different. To keep a high-performing campaign running, you need to keep learning. With some basic product images, a few digital coins, and one sentence of copy, the ad makes a promise to Honey’s target customers.

How Does Banner Advertising Work?

Wikibuy communicates its value in less than 3 seconds with this impressive image ad. You know exactly what you get (and what you risk losing) if you don’t click over. The green lettering emphasizes the no-questions-asked value WikiBuy https://1investing.in/ offers you. This simple Capital One banner ad makes maximum use of its small space. The large text does all the work drawing your attention, giving you a detailed reason to click, and making a big promise to save you money and time.

Banner Ad example #13. Universal Robots: WeAreCobots

We will dive into how you can design more creative banners in the chapter below. For example, if your goal is to increase sales, you can create an offer and promote it with the help of banner ads. Thus, your ads will communicate the discount through text, image, and call to action. The process of showing the ads on a publisher’s website is done via display networks, such as Google Display Network. So upgrading their product is an important factor for their business.

Samsung has used a dark background, minimum text, and an action button without a description. Microsoft has used its logo, pastel shade, and ad for a new laptop with the feature of ordering it by clicking on the banner. Please note that working banners may not contain illustrations. However, a pleasant print and a proper text can gain this effect. For example, graphic elements and photos should intensify the text; they are directly related to your product or service—no way around it. With advertising, it’s often best to try out different things, as it’s not always possible to immediately identify what will be successful or not.

Some of you might know already about the first banner ad ever created, but if you don’t, here’s your chance to travel back to simpler times. Banners are some of the most basic forms of online advertising, yet they make a huge difference in a brand’s overall marketing efforts. They contribute greatly to raising a brand’s awareness, and they can also be used to drive conversions.

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